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Skyblades allow players to fly freely in the air and is used for both appearance and functionality. Check out our exclusive Custom Skyblades, lottos from the Marketplace, and Tree of Wealth exchange. They're all sources of great skyblades. The Custom Skyblade NPC is in the air above the other Monkey NPCs in Sunstream City. Use your skyblade to reach many midair NPCs such as the Sky Dweller or Wanyoo.
Seraphic Herald


Esper Interface
  • To start off, skyblades may only be used when your esper energy is at its max.
  • Once flying, you cannot invigorate, but can cast skills. Note: range matters.
  • Flying is like moving on a mount, but with the addition of Space to move up, and Z to move down.
  • Players can embrace members of opposite sex and meditate on a skyblade.
  • Most skyblades, when purchased, arrive in your bag with 1 star and a base quality (Legendary, Myth, Epic)


To upgrade your skyblade to its highest speed, see Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City. He will catalyze it for you with 16x Zephyr Seals (from Jade Exchange Girl or Marketplace). Once maxed, it won't consume more seals.

Assimilate with Arcane Seal from Marketplace or Donation Rewards for 30 Monkey Coins each. This is an entirely luck depended process.

Once you've maxed your skyblade, simply equip it. Mounts and skyblades share a bag with 18 slots and can be summoned through short cuts.