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Welcome to the wiki for Monkey Dynasty. This is a place to document all of the custom features as well as information about how to play Jade Dynasty generally and Monkey Dynasty specifically. Anyone is encouraged to contribute and there will be rewards and incentives for good contributions. This should be a collective place for players and staff alike to document all things Monkey Dynasty.

It is currently under development (at present 161 users have created 1,825 pages) and will see significant evolution over the next weeks and months. Many of the subsections in the following sections will soon be moved to the respective full pages for each section. This is a rough outline for now to help us plan.

Looking for a getting started guide? Check out the Getting Started Guide (Newbie Guide). Otherwise, search is probably your best option to find what you're looking for.


See Main Article: Factions

There are three factions to choose from: Athan, Human, and Etherkin


See Main Article: Classes

Within each faction, there are various classes to choose from. Each have their strengths and weaknesses and appeal to different styles of play.


See Main Article: Affinity

There are three available Affinities in-game. Each with their own benefits and skills. Affinity will determine Chroma.


See Main Article: Chroma

Chroma becomes available after Lv.120 Ascended, unlocking phenomenal powers and the Chroma skill and leveling system. A Guide on Obtaining Chroma Beads is also available for viewing. Vitalization Guide and Chroma Tier Walkthroughs.


See Main Article: Quests

Monkey Dynasty offers thousands of different types of quests.
We also offer complementary guides for beginners, Wiki Editors, and anyone interested in our progress so far!

World Map

See Main Article: World Map


See Main Article: Gear

Learn how to refine, upgrade, and imbue your gear, then add seals at Southern Border.


See Main Article: Pets

There are many pets in the game. Some which you can train, others which come already maxed. And never fear, Monkey Dynasty adds to the standard JD Pets with an extensive set of custom pets! After obtaining the desired pet, see the Pet Master to train, and ascend, and add skills to your pet. Also learn about Pet Foraging and Pet Crafting, both of which are extremely helpful.


See Main Article: Crafting


See Main Article: Esper

Learning about espers start with the basics, how to obtain, catalyze, assimilate, ascend, cleanse, inherit and fuse skills, along with building that perfect esper set after some bloodsmelting, of course. For a list of available Esper Fusion effects, click here, for Esper Skills List, click here.

Side Equipments

Aside from main gear which includes weapon, helm, chest, and boots, MD has a variety of side equipments such as Chi, Essence, Soulstone, Fatecharms, Trinket, Seal, Charm, and Rings/Necklace. Then learn how to acquire and upgrade gems, with a list of different Ascension Accessories sets.


See Main Article: Mounts

Mounts can be trained at the Horseman to add powerful stats! If you haven't seen our collection of Custom Mounts, click here!


See Main Article: Skyblades

Custom skyblades

See Main Article: Custom Skyblades

Custom Transformation Gems

See Main Article: Custom Transformation Gems


See Main Article: Fashions

See Fashions for tips and information on how to obtain Original Fashion and Custom Fashion.

Events (daily)

See Main Article: Events

(include custom rewards)


See Main Article: Battlegrounds

(include NPC, times, mechanics, rewards etc.,)


See Main Article: Chu-Han

Crystal Rift

See Main Article: Crystal Rift

Regular Battlegrounds

Battle For Supremacy

See Main Article: Battle For Supremacy


See Main Article: Instances

Some of our most popular instances include:

Territory wars

See Main Article: Territory wars

Fort Couldstorm

See Main Article: Fort Couldstorm

Social Center

See Main Article: Social Center

The Social Center includes information about Clans, Alliances, the Marriage system, Master and Apprentice and others.