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Understream is a very different sort of instance. There is almost no killing involved, and the journey has a playful feeling to it. For each successful stage, the player is awarded 1x Dream Journal, to be exchanged at the Harmony Scroll in Sunstream City, located next to Tanis Ka.

  • Understream is not high in demand due to its current exchange rate to Flux, Astri shards etc., so expect to World Chat a lot.

To enter, open a room at Harmony Scroll, which lasts 10 minutes and requires 3 - 6 players (The more the merrier). Instance duration: 1 Hour.

Water Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight

  • Upon spawning inside, party up and follow Mermaid Guide Momo.
  • After transforming into a Bratty Little Girl, pick up balloons from the stands.
  • Stand away from water pools on the ground.
  • Do not cross the blue line between the 2 teams or you'll be teleported.

Mermaid Hunter

Mermaid Hunter

  • Select one experienced person to be Mermaid.
  • The rest of the team choose Officer quest & uniform.
  • Mermaid should run in a large circle, if hit once, cancels transformation, hit twice by the hunter, and mermaid will be ported back to respawn point.

Fisher Master


  • Set net on the ground to catch seafood.
  • Sharks award the most points, but extremely difficult to catch.
  • Sometimes the fish have to fall in the outer net (bright yellow area) to show damage (10k).

Dream Wedding (random)

  • Drag skill onto the skill bar, press the key to cast and auto-move.
  • Pick up Gift Money for 1x Red Packet (Gives Affinity/Chroma beads)
  • Extra reward: Bride's Bouquet x1

Rescue the Mermaids

Instance Info/Exit

  • Requires multiple teammates to be in same area.
  • Bandits will attack any player nearby, once disrupted, the rescue process must start all over again.
  • Freezing time is enough for 1x rescue if SOLOing with 1x bandit nearby.