Torment Tower

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Azure Master

What NPC : Azure Master<Torment Tower>

Coordinates : ( 483, 293 ) New Sunstream

Minimum Number of Players : 4

Maximum Number of Players : 6

Number of runs per day : 1

Approx. time per run: ~10-15 minutes


Deity Treasure Cave (TT instance in World Chat), is a new mob-wave type of instance that came after the Hydran patch. It's a very simple, daily instance where the goal of the party is to finish all 10 waves between Tower and Monster. Each side has 10 waves and single-target players are recommended to kill 10 waves of towers while AoE players on the other hand, must kill 10 waves of monsters to finish the instance. After clearing all waves, each player will be rewarded with an item called Ultimate Torrent Chest. It takes 150 seconds to automatically return the player in town so if you're on a rush, simply do a realm change to go back in town.

Instance Sequence

Upon entering the instance, players are spawned in the middle of the map. AoE players are advised to go to the monster spawn area (big circle on the map) while single-target players must go into the tower spawn area (small circle on the map). The higher the wave, the tougher the monsters or the towers will become as their HP starts to stack up (ex. HP x8)

Instance Rewards

After the instance, each player will receive an Ultimate Torrent Chest Ultimate-Torrent-Chest.png which contains the following to be exact:


  • For some AoE players, do not invigorate at the middle of your spot because monsters don't spawn exactly in the center. Some will spawn farther away from you, therefore some AoE skills might not reach them.
  • For Incense Mages: When a single wave is cleared, it takes about 2 minutes for a new one to come in so plan ahead and time your Fire Slay and if you're a Fuwa, try to cast Zhurong Scroll II before the wave starts so that your party members would have additional 15% Skill Power. Fire Lord is also nice as it grants all party members 10% Attack power. Mobs will get tougher so buff Flame Badge then do Chroma Nanwu Fire to kill higher wave monsters.