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What is a Sprite?

Sprites are little and cute creatures who come into the Monkey Dynasty world out of an act of love between two married players. They can follow you and gather items or fight using their own invigoration system.

How to get your Sprite

There are some main requirements to meet if you want to get your Sprite:

  • It has to be Saturday
  • Both of you must be ascended
  • Both of you must have at least 100G
  • You must be married (check the guide about the marriage if you do not know how to get married)
  • You have to be in a party with your partner and the husband must be the leader

Once the requirements above are met, you and your spouse are ready to start the quest that will make you parents.

  1. Husband : Talk to Gene Zonchi in Sunstream City, next to the Pet Master Ellan and accept the quest What's Missing
  2. Both : Accept the quest What's missing - Missing something?
  3. Both : Check your quest log and teleport to the destination, then accept the quest
  4. Both : Teleport to the Mysterious Flowerbed and finish the quest What's missing - The War Prayer in order to get a Loving Heart in your bags
  5. Both : Exchange your Lovings hearts
  6. Both : Teleport to the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream City and finish the quest What's missing - The Matchmaker's Teachings
  7. Both : Go back to Gene Zonchi and finish the quest What's missing - Sympathetic Heart. A video will be displayed, but you can stop it by pressing ESC. You will receive a Lotus Nut in your bags.
  8. Both : Bring your Lotus Nuts to Mooly in Sunstream City (realm 15 only), next to Tanis Ka, and teleport into the Phoenix Tower paying 100G
  9. One of you : Right-click on your partner and select Heavenly Sent
  10. The other one : Accept.
CONGRATULATIONS!!! Congratulations on the birth of your precious new arrival!


  • Each of you will receive one Sprite, even if they can be different
  • The faction of your Sprite will be randomly chosen between your partner's faction and yours
  • Initiates will not be able to obtain a Sprite untill they choose a faction
  • The gender of your Sprite is random
  • DON'T FORGET to buy some Enriched Milk from the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream City at the price of 100G in order to grant some energy to your Sprite
  • Your Sprites powers are linked to its faction and can be boosted as you level up the Sprite
  • You can have more than one Sprite, but have to unlock more Sprite slots with the item Zodiac Guardian Plaques from Marketplace

Sprite's Stats

The newborn Sprite has the same amount of Health and Spirit as you and half your Attack Power. You can increase its stats through fashions and boost them through toys purchased from the Marketplace.

Basic Stats

In order to improve your Sprite's basic stats you have to set his/her status on Follow and kill mobs around your level, so that your Sprite can gain EXP points. These points are used in the following basic stats:

  • Perception: increases the speed a Sprite gains EXP
  • Divine Power: increases your Sprite's combat attributes and unlock his/her Invigoration system when Divine Power reaches level 20
  • Charm Points: increases the speed Affaction is gained. Your Sprite gains Affection points when he invigorates (Combat statut). Affection points can be exchanged for useful items (i.e. Wonderland Stones, Skytouch Jades and Dragon Muscle) at the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream City

Sprite Status

  • Rest
  • Follow
  • Combat


Guardian Spirit