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The Quest: Carrier Pigeon (yellow) leading to Lord Fenix in Sunstream City. Simply follow this quest chain to Baye in Jadeon, help him kill his shadow and teleport inside the Soul Core. Use the Chi Burst Score to wipe mobs, then touch the Soul Core in the middle of the room. Once this is done, use Soulstone Key and get a server wide notice.

The Basics: Purchase a Soulstone, or activate the one from quest. Awakening Orb can be purchased from the Marketplace (J). Once awakened, you can choose to reset or boost your soulstone. There are 7 qualities:
Lv.1 = Recruit
Lv.2 = Apprentice
Lv.3 = Disciple
Lv.4 = Warrior
Lv.5 = Warlord (purple color)
Lv.6 = Master (orange)
Lv.7 = Divine (red)

4 Custom Slots

Resetting: 1 Soul Inverter = 10 Synergy. In order to unlock the 1st custom stone at 25,000 synergy, you must reset 2,500 times. Click on the circle to produce the desired stone with 3 of 5 chosen stats. To unlock the 4th stone, you must reset 40,000 times using Soul Inverters. Be extra careful when resetting since there is no undo function, and if you reset a custom stone, well..

  • Using auto-clicker programs is a ban-able offense!

Boosting: Boost with Chi Enhancer, accept only overall positive increases and reject negative reductions. To get a lv.7 soulstone, all stats should be close to max.

  • Approximate: ~5,000+ Chi Enhancer for a stone like the one in image.
Sample lv.7 Divine Soulstone

Fusion: So you have your custom stone but no money for Chi Enhancers. Fuse your custom stone with your old one to transfer the Available Chi and boost without Chi Enhancers. Fusion also transfer EXP. Once the EXP bar is full, simply click level up until lv.20. Please be warned that the secondary stone will disappear.


Soul Set List

Soulsets provide powerful bonuses and a skill. Click the ? Mark to read and choose your desired set. Purchase Soulflow Jade from Marketplace to reset available slots. Create Soul Star, the higher the stone's quality, the faster this goes. Now, visit Lord Fenix in Sunstream City to exchange for higher quality Soul Stars. Embed when you're done; they do not have to be in order.