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Monsters Turnover

Soul Tower is a solo instance, enterable once a day, and prohibits potion usage. Certain potions, such as the ones produced from Dagos skills Sentimental Fragrance and Wine of Longevity, are permitted. Pets are important in this instance, as they provide powerful buffs/debuffs and are resurrected in the next floor. Note: Once dead in battle, cannot summon again. There are 80 tiers/floors.

Time Limit: 30 Minutes
See Lord Fenix in Sunstream City to begin your challenge, or simply access the HOT! Interface.

The Game

Flip 4 cards randomly to determine the enemies in the next floor.
Black shadow = No mob.
There is a handbook listing the mobs' specialty and attack powers, but since MD characters are heavily geared, I don't advise spending too much time studying mobs at lower tiers.

Kill all mobs in the center and proceed to the portal, as marked on the mini-map.



Bring an Ascended Pet to battle with highly upgraded Ascension <Common> skills. Recommend: Luna to debuff or Flowen for heals.

Take advantage of the following buffs/skills.

1. Clover 3/3 read through carefully, most helpful: Skyfox summon and HP/SP/Vigor Potion.

2. Sincerity Necklace Crit. Dmg buff, obtained from Jade Exchange Girl Lotto.

3. Empyreal Crystal buffs at Jade Exchange Girl.

4. Esper HP Drain Skill/Special Effects from Soul Scepter.

5. Soulstone soulset skills. Note: Have multiple stones.

6. Wonderland Fair food buffs, increases accuracy, Crit. Rate, attack, evasion, Skill Evasion, and others.

7. Pet skills, obviously. Obtained from farming Shura bosses (K) or instances such as Eldea Gauntlet

8. Clan Skills.

9. Master Skills .

10. Ascension Accessories Skill. The one in pic is from Dijo Set.

11. Fashion permanent skills, from Zodiacs, Bilu/Anan/Velonus, and others.

12. Wine of Charity, increases HP.

13. KO Skill. 10 Min Cooldown, use wisely.

If you draw 3 or 4 monsters, do not just spam AoEs, especially for weaker or less tanky classes. Target one or two mob at a time. Use Chroma skills carefully as Vigor is hard to refill without pots. If your AoEs are extremely strong, take advantage of Roaring Tiger's invulnerability, buff up, and deal heavy damage right away - Glass Cannon play style.


Once the time limit is up, or after 3 deaths, or for whatever reason, the player exists the instance and see Lord Fenix for awards. There are 2 types: Daily and One-time, pretty self-explanatory.

  • Gold Pocketbook (grants EXP)
  • Meditation Orb (doubles EXP)
  • Wongzo Grape (Pet Pot/Food)
  • Sage's Compass & Expedition Packs
  • Awakening Orb
  • Soulstone Ticket (Exchange for 1 Soulstone, exclusively from Soul Tower, unless you do PVP events)
  • Multiple Chi (good at beginner levels)
  • Soul Inverter
  • Universal Coins
  • Taichi Pill Packs
  • Affinity Beads
  • Chroma Beads
  • Celestial Scrolls


  • <Challenge Accepted> +1% Attack Power, Floor 41
  • <Titan of the Tower> +2% Attack Power, Floor 50
  • <Soul Survivor> +3% Attack Power, Floor 60
  • <Astral Clarity Minister> +4% Attack Power, Floor 70
  • <Astral Might General> +4% Attack Power, +1% Critical Rate, Floor 80