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Rings, and also necklaces come in many shapes and forms, but they're especially useful. Most accessories can be embedded with Gems and provide powerful bonuses, sometimes even skills. The most prevalent accessories are the 6 Ascension sets. But certain OP necklaces such as Prayer Beads (boosts Critical Bonus by 50%) are from Territory Wars. Many players own multiple necklaces and rings and switch them around according to their needs.

Obtaining the Items

Might of Earth and Blessing of Earth necklaces are from Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream City for 1 Welkin Green Jade each. Most of the common rings can be obtained from Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon for Arcane Bullion and Coins. Refer to Ascension Accessories for a list of sets and their skills. Once you've decided on a set, head to Guardian Tyr to upgrade your rings and necklace. Kind reminder: Bring a lot of gold.

Guardian Tyr

Ring to ★:

  • 10G each try, 5% chance

★ to ★★:

  • 20G each try, 2.5% chance

★★ to ★★★:

  • 50G each try, 1% chance

Necklace to ★:

  • 100G each try, 5% chance

★ to ★★:

  • 200G each try, 3% chance

★★ to ★★★:

  • 500G each try, 2% chance

Once you have for example, Might of Earth ★★★, purchase Essence Tome from Jade Exchange Girl. Essence rocks can be purchased from the Marketplace (J).

The Bitter Seas


However, you're far from being done! Purchase abundant Zuro/Goko/Windo/Raino/Xato/Dijo wills at Jade Exchange Maiden and bring enough gold. The upgrade NPC is called Wanyoo. He can be found flying above the Bitter Seas. Each try for necklaces consume 2x Wills (1 Will for rings) and 800G. Success rate: 1%. NOTE: All gems will be destroyed when upgraded. Please remove first.

Eldea Gauntlet

You're broke from your upgrades and feeling resentful at Wanyoo and Tyr, or not. But the 3rd phrase of upgrading happens in Eldea Gauntlet, a trial of 7 bosses (or 8 if lucky), that drops these items:

  • Ancient Blood Seal (40 to upgrade Necklace)
  • Ancient Blood Charm (20 to upgrade Charm ring)
  • Ancient Blood Jade (20 to upgrade Jade ring)

Lv.6 accessories as they're called, have increased stats, set bonuses and a Lv.2 skill with significantly lower cooldown (-240 seconds).