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Pets are your NPC companions, who fight alongside you against monsters and other players. You keep your pets in your Pet Rooster, visible under the "P" shortcut.


To make a pet your own, you need to tame it at Pet Master Ellan in Sunstream City or Pet Master Eikon in Divine Realm. Your pet, just like your character, has its own level, stats and skills. For a detailed guide of how to upgrade/train the pet, see Pet Training.

Your pet levels along side you, always staying 5 levels ahead, take note when buying Anan from the Marketplace. Pets gather experience by being around their owner when killing mobs, or by using Miradrake Orbs or Kylin Orbs. The max level of your pet is 160.

Pet food can be purchased from the Marketplace, Physician NPCs, or from beginner packs. Click Select or Feed All to feed!


To summon, simply hit Pet!.png to bring up the interface.

One particular function is the Class Settings used to boost pet/workshop stats. This is determined by how many pets a player have leveled to a certain level etc., The left settings are Offensive related for summoned pets. The right settings are for farmer pets, see Pet Foraging.

I also want to mention how to navigate this Pet Summon Interface.png

  • To make pets auto-cast skills, simply double click on them!
  • The arrow next to Rem. is to configure the healing rates.
  • The rest of the icons signify the state of the pet: Attack, Defense, Do nothing etc.,


Pets are useful to players for many reasons:

  • They fight alongside players, using their skills to aid the master.
  • Players get bonuses when fusing and esperating their pets
    • Esperate increases players CritRate by 5% and % of HP/SP/AP from Esper.
    • Fusion increases players CritNull by 5% and Resistance from Esper.
  • Gather materials and craft their own gears.


Players have a variety of Pets to chose from - JD pets as well as custom pets.