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To enlarge, click on the image. This is an Ascended Flowen, Fairy type pet. Take note of all the pet training categories.


There are 9 Star signs, and 12 stats to boost. The highest growth limit is 7130 on paper. The actual limit is 8430. A truly MAXED pet has all (except MIN ATK) at 8430 trained.

  • Solaris - Stun, Weaken, Silence RES
  • Luna - Weaken, Silence, Sleep RES
  • Auris - HP
  • Arborik - Stun, Weaken, Paralyze RES
  • Flowen - Defense
  • Magmas - MAX ATK
  • Terro - Accuracy, Sleep RES
  • Nestun - Evasion, Paralyze RES
  • Logi - Spirit, Silence RES

Recommended star sign for pet: Luna - specializes in removing debuffs


Type determines what kind of gear that pet can wear. See Pet Crafting to craft gear or simply purchase from players, though pet gears are rare items. To change the type, get another pet, or click Pet Soul. For a list of available pet souls to change pet's outer appearance, hit J and access the Marketplace.

Certain un upgradable, pre made or pets with one look CANNOT and will NOT change from Pet Soul Training. 

Title, S. and Fi. Spirit

Title Skill

Ex: Superior One
If this pet's growth rate are all above 2000, its max attack increases by 2%.

To change the T. Skill, purchase appropriate directly from Pet Master Ellan with Sunny/Welkin Jades.


Pet Speciality adds extra levels to skills. For example, in Figure 1: Flowen, its Speciality is Void Essence, which increases Common Ascension skills like <Compassion> and <Cage>.

Fighting Spirit

Has 10 ranks in Roman Numerals I to X and each rank takes 99 Dragonfang Herbs.


Restricted to students of the Fuwa Affinity who are able to harvest the power of the heavens into orbs, used to boost pet stats.


This is very important because the trait is the red stat with the capability to reach maxed 8430 potential. Refer to the list under star signs. Steps:

  • Change pet to Magmas, reset Trait to MAX ATK, pet growth upgrade to 8430.
  • Change star sign to Auris, reset Trait to HP, pet growth upgrade to 8430.

Repeat the above steps until ALL 11 stats are maxed. This is indeed an expensive and lengthy process, costing approximately 30 stacks of Celebean Beads.

Changing the star sign WILL reset all pet skill levels/upgrades, so please do not touch the skills until the pet growth is done! 

Pet Growth

Pet Growth.png

Purchase multiple stacks of Celebean from the Marketplace or other players and choose the 100 Celebean/try option. Let the system auto-upgrade for you. Happy AFKing.

Pet Skill

Don't recommend investing much into skills before Pet Ascension because there will be better skills waiting for you. Exceptions include healing skills like <Sincere Prayer> for Soul Tower survival purposes. But that is not my main pet, so.


Purchase a Snowland Ginseng from Pet Master Ellan. This item has a 100% chance to unlock another pet skill slot (MAX is 8). Only used once in a pet's lifetime.


Kindly remember that adding a new skill has a very high chance of replacing an existing skill and its levels. After all desired skills are in place, however, putting in more pet jades will increase the level of that skill. All items available at Pet Master via Item Exchange.