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Pet Skills can be lottoed with items from Pet Master Ellan for Gold. They're pretty cheap and drops common and star specific skills. To level past 30, buy the ones from Ellan's shop with History of Domestication. Very self-explanatory, but those skills are not very useful when most players can easily one-hit mobs and need little assistance from pets. So this is where ascension skills come in.


Coordinates for Shura Bosses

Above is a list of Shura Bosses, who drop Sacred Spirit Scroll, lottos for skill jades - ascension level. You can press K for a list of bosses. I recommend an astrolobe for quick teleportation. The bosses are located on all realms, and some are inside towers so pass through any gate nearby.

Drop List: If you do not know how to set up your esper, click here.

  • Sacred Spirit Scroll
  • Esper Fusion Manual
  • Esper Ascension Orb
  • Orison Fragment Pack

Sacred Spirit Scrolls ★ also drop from instances like Eldea Gauntlet and Dread Labyrinth. These skill jades, especially rare ones like Elysium, go for 10,000G and much higher for ★★. Sacred Spirit Scroll★★ ONLY drops from 9 Elysium spawned bosses or GM events.

Without the right speciality, it's not possible to max a Common Ascension skill to LV 100. 

Common Ascension Skills

Look like these: Ascend skills.png You can see there are 9 different colored jades for the 9 star signs and one dark purple orb. That is a common skill.

Fiery Tide.png
Skill Elysium.png
Pet Speciality.png