Pet Foraging

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Each pet that isn't in combat mode and is well fed, between levels 30 and 149, is able to gather resources on its own. Pet materials are used for crafting Pet Gears, Pet Remedies and Special items. To proceed to the highest level of crafting, experience is required.


There are 6 categories of items a pet can forage along with recommended high aptitude pets:

The ability for a pet to gather materials of one of the types is determined by the pets aptitude. The higher the value, the better the chance for a pet to find materials. If the aptitude is 0, a pet won't be able to gather materials of the type.


Pets can gather 6 different levels of Pet Gear Crafting Materials and craft Recipes, depending on the pets level.

  • Grade 1 lvl 30 - lvl 70
  • Grade 2 lvl 71 - lvl 100
  • Grade 3 lvl 101 - lvl 120
  • Grade 4 lvl 121 - lvl 135
  • Grade 5 lvl 136 - lvl 145
  • Grade 6 lvl 146 - lvl 150

The materials are stored in players "Pet" tab of their bag, and recipies appear directly in players bags. Pets attempt to find materials every 15 minutes, resulting in:

  • Gear recipes
  • Jadefog/Bluemoon Stones used for Pet Gear Reforge
  • Nothing
  • One of 6 aptitude items stored in Pet bag.
"To upgrade your pet bag, purchase Sunray Brooch from Marketplace and see Pet Tamer Totto."


Pet Crafting allows pets to forge gears, craft Pet Remedies, and Pet Candy which speeds up the leveling process, but please note that to quickly max a pet to LV 160, the player will have to use Miradrake Orbs (Marketplace).