Pet Crafting

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To start crafting, first check out Pet Foraging. If that is done, prepare the necessary materials and have the recipes learned. Unfortunately, advanced recipes are not sold at Pet Master Ellan. She will introduce beginners to the arts of crafting, though. Please go speak to her in Sunstream City.


To start pet crafting, hit P -> Workshop. If all materials are available, simply craft solo or in bulk. This step is self-explanatory. Interesting, the workshop differs from normal Crafting. You do not Level up, but rather gain Development points. These points are the requirement to craft high level pet gears.

  • LV 1: 0 points
  • LV 2: 80 points
  • LV 3: 160 points
  • LV 4: 320 points
  • LV 5: 500 points
  • LV 6: 1,000 points

Another important requirement to note is the tech stats. I'm talking about Fishing, Farming, Mining values combined across all pets. To increase the aptitudes, purchase the recommend farming pets and change class settings. When crafting, has a random chance of creating ★ or ★★ gears.

Customized gear

Royal Armor
  • Aside from the general non specific gear, there is a special type of gear that effect 1 star sign.
  • Crafting this type requires an extra material: Crystals.
* Once crafted, cannot be upgraded with Jadefog/Bluemoon. Craft  the  ★ or ★★ gears, dark or white stars. 

Upgrade crafted gears

Refine Pet Gear.png

See Pet Master Ellan in Sunstream and select Fortify Gear from her options. You need 2 items:

  • Pet gear
  • Jadefog/Bluemoon stones Reforge stone.png obtained from Pet Foraging at random.


  • Grade 4: Holy Aura
  • Grade 8: Holy Aura★ +1
  • Grade 12: Holy Aura ★★ +2

Note: Upgrading with these stones can fail drastically, sometimes increasing, other times decreasing the stats of the gear.