Pet Ascension

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Pet Ascension requires 2 items:

See Pet Master Ellan and select Hyper-Evolution. An ascended pet differs greatly from that of a non ascended one. Recommended for all players.



First off, these pets glow. They are very much worth the Jadens spent.

  • Pet automatically provide 8H long esperate/fusion effect buffs!
  • New "Evolution" tab in Pet Roster, click for quick transformation. No mushroom required. Resummon for the change to take effect.
  • Can now change skill numbers with item.
  • Age, HP, Belly, Affection stop changing.
  • Can be summoned at any time, 30 Sec CD in between combat
  • Maximum grade 20+10 via Hyper-Training
  • Can fly and attack mid air.



Hyper-Training is much faster than regular old pet growth. It will drain around 16+ stacks of celebeans to completely max all the stats. Make sure you've clicked all the way to LV 10 to gain that Grade 30 Pet.

The rest of the training involves using Excellent Recall Orbs Excellent Recall Orb.png to reset the types and numbers of a pet's non-signature skills, then Ascended Menguu Relics Ascended Menggu Relic.png to reset the pet's star sign.

If you haven't maxed it to 8430 already! See here to learn how.

Resetting skill slots will erase and randomize all skills, so please reset to 7 to 8 slots before farming pet jades!