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Orison refers to the 2 variations of Orison Adept and Orison Servant instances ingame. They're accessible through Celestial Mentor (Adept) or the Celestial Student (Servant). Adept Boss is more difficult than Servant, but with enough players, it is preferred over Servant. Rewards are better too.

"As far as Adept Orison, there is a 30 minute timer to kill 1 Boss, which is almost impossible for a party of less than ~15."
Requirements: 12 - 25 players
Tries: 3 / 3 a day


Celestial Mentor

Before even setting foot in Orison, gather one of 2 choices bellow:

1. Orison Fragments x2000 (Servant)
2. Orison Fragments x4000 (Adept)

When farming world bosses, do not waste time with fragments, pick up Orison Fragment Pack, click here to learn how.

Once you have enough fragments, choose a favorable time with numerous players only, then purchase the Activation Item from Celestial Mentor or Celestial Student. Note: Open pack.


Upon spawning inside, go to the very center of the room. The boss is located there. Party up with other players. Then there is not much to do but Invigorate, use KO skill and Chroma Eruption to increase damage. For tips to increase damage output, click here.

  • As mentioned, Adept of Orison heals himself at certain % HP marks.
  • It is bothersome, but with 20+ players, the instance will take 7 - 8 minutes max.

Boss Self-Buffs:

  • [Common] Adept of Orison: The power of my blessings make me invincible! Effect: Invincibility for x seconds. No damage will go through.
  • [Common] Adept of Orison: What makes you think you deserve my blessing? Effect: Release AoE damage, typically erases 80% of HP of all players in party.
The texts will arrive as green colored letters in chat box. Make sure your potions settings are at 99 - 100% !


After Adept is dead, NPC Celestial Mentor will appear. Speak to him and receive 1x Adept of Orison Wish Box. Activators! You guys access his shop to trade for 1 (+9) Sigil.

Celestial Mentor's Ex.png
Solar Pendant
Orison's Domain

The Adept of Orison Wish Box

  • 1 Kirin Sigil.
  • A chance at an Ares Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two!
  • From 1 - 2 Level 10 Yuan Crystals.
  • From 50 - 100 Banana Peels.
  • From 100 - 200 Chi Enhancer.
  • From 250 - 500 Soul Inverters
  • From 50 - 100 Tanis Ka Charms.
  • From 200 - 400 Monkey Coins.
  • From 5000 - 9999 Chroma Beads.
  • You will also have a 25% chance to win a Solar Pendent.

The Servant of Orison Wish Box

  • One tradeable Dragon Sigil.
  • A chance at a Drake Sigil Shard, if you're really lucky you might win two.
  • A Level 9 Yuan Crystal.
  • From 20 - 40 Banana Peels.
  • From 50 - 100 Chi Enhancers.
  • From 150 - 300 Soul Inverters.
  • From 20 - 60 Tanis Ka Charms.
  • From 4000 - 9999 Affinity Beads.
  • From 2000 - 4000 Chroma Beads.
  • You will also have a 3% chance to win a Solar Pendent.

Since Adept/Servant can be done 3 times a day, take advantage of the people who have done Run #1 to run 3 times! Orison yields high rewards and are suitable for most Ascended toons. Check the drops list bellow for a review of what will be on the ground for both versions. Click here to set up your Esper.


Listing noticeable ones only:

  • Diamond (1,000G each)
  • Lesser Diamond (100G each)
  • Adept of Orison Gem
  • Celestial Neophyte Gem♀(Female)
  • Celestial Student Gem♂ (Male)
  • Wonderland Stone
  • Chroma Bead
  • Common Orb Bead
  • Gold Brick
  • Gold Bar
  • Gold Leaf