Mount Training

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Horse Man (404, 331) Sunstream City

The Horseman sells horses for 100G each, and Dragon Reins to train mounts.

Price of training item.

To train your mount, simply choose Train Mount and put in the required items. It's entirely a game of luck. He also gives a quest to increase mount speed for 1x Buddling Kindleaf from Marketplace (J). Certain mounts such as the Tempest Tiger can be trained to permanently enter a smaller, armored form.

Empyrean Mount Tempest Tiger - Speed 6.50

The maximum number of stats a mount can have is 4. Empyrean Mounts from Elysium tend to have get more stats than normal/custom mounts, and are assumed to be the fastest mounts in game.
Stats include but are not limited to:

  • Bonus Damage +5
  • Damage Reduction 5
  • Accuracy +20
  • Evasion +10
  • Health +100-400
  • Spirit +100-400
  • Defense +5-15
  • Critical Strike Rate +1%
  • Attack Power +10-25
  • Sleep RES +15
  • Silence RES +15
  • Paralyze RES +15
  • Weaken RES +15
  • Stun RES +15