Moontop Hollow

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Moontop Hollow

Moontop Hollow is an instance requiring little movement from one boss to the next. In fact, MTH has optional (use dropped boss portals to go there) bosses and spawn 18 waves of monsters. It's open 24 hours a day on all realms and enterable at lv. 20.

To register, see Illusion Dispatcher Hoi in Sunstream City. If you're activating, purchase Clan Summons (1 Monkey Coin each) from Donation Rewards and World Chat for at least 4 other people. The duration of the instance is timed at approximately 30 minutes.


Moontop Hollow

  • Usually, the player who activates MTH soloes it.
  • All players entering MTH receive high stat boosts and powerful trinkets or seals to aid them.
  • See Crafsman Entros to exchange your Crystal Stones. I personally like the Crit bonus (16 stones for maxed one) and the Attack one (8 stones).
  • Kill all the mobs that spawn from 3 passages and protect Anan. If she dies, well, the instance fails.


Make sure you have at least 1x Champion Voucher. These are auto distributed 1 hour after reset each day as long as you are in a clan. After the 18th wave has been cleared, NPC Li Fong will appear. Take all of his available quests. Note: Do it quickly if you have many vouchers.

Rewards per voucher:

  • 20 Monkey Coins
  • 10,000 Gold (in the form of bank notes)
  • 1x Drake Sigil Shard (see Lord Byzim)
  • 500 Taichi Pills
  • 5000 Affinity Beads
  • 2000 Chroma Beads
  • 2 Ancient Coins