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How to get married?

In Monkey Dynasty, every character can get married with their soulmate (opposite gender) by following some easy steps:

  • Both characters have to buy a Wedding Pack from the Marketplace. Of course, male characters need a Wedding Pack ♂ and female characters a Wedding Pack ♀
  • Make sure to make a party where the male is the leader
  • Talk to the Eldest Matchmaker in Sunstream City and accept the quests Getting Married and Get Wedding Pack that will allow you to open the packs
  • The male character has to accept another quest called Getting Married from the Eldest Matchmaker in order to pledge his love to his wife. He will obtain a Wedding Certificate (used to organise a wedding feast) and both characters will get an [Eternal Love] Ring.

Wedding Feast

How to reserve

Once you got married, the husband can talk to Mooly in Sunstream City (Realm 15 only), next to Tanis Ka, in order to rent the Phoenix Tower for your wedding feast. You can throw three different kind of feasts:

  • A dinner with 30 guests for a price of 666G
  • A dinner with 60 guests for a price of 888G
  • A dinner with 150 guests for a price of 1888G

Once booked, the wife is provided with a number of wedding invitations to send out to friends and loved ones. Without these invitations, guests will be unable to gain entry to the wedding hall. Mooly can only cater to one couple every 2 hours.

Special service

Married couples can talk to Mooly to enter the Phoenix Tower any time during their reception, as long as they have the Flower Brooch. Phoenix Fairy Cala is in charge of everything inside the Phoenix Tower. Couples who have a Flower Brooch can ask her to use her magic to make it snow, cause flower petals to rain from the sky, or even shoot fireworks!

Why should you get married?

  • You can gain Romance points by doing the Romance quest with your spouse every day
  • You can unlock Romance Skills using your Romance Points
  • You get two special marriage titles ( xx's Princess/Prince and xx's Wife/Husband ) by using the Love Letter in your Wedding Pack
  • You can instantly teleport next to your spouse at any time by using the item Love Wish from the Marketplace
  • You can kiss your spouse while embracing
  • You can organise a wonderful wedding feast in the Phoenix Tower
  • And above all... you can have a BABY!