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Sample: Crystal Rift

Instances provide a challenging but fun break from PVP sessions and a meeting place for PVE players with similar interests. They give rewards not found in the Marketplace with Jadens, such as Perfect Talisman, Chroma Bead, Sigil Shards and so on. Most instances are multi-player and requires a party of 3 to upward of 12 (Orison). Clan and Alliance are popular places to find people to run instances with, but watch out for World Chat (WC) for runs.


NPCs Hub @ Sunstream

To run instances, you need to find the NPC. Most are located in Sunstream City near Alliance NPCs (open Fealty to port there quickly, or use Astrolobes). Others require a bit of work, but fear not, click on the Instances below for more info.

Open a Room: Sometimes activation items are required, sometimes nothing is needed. There is a 5-10 min time limit and people requirement.

Realm-specific Registration: Usually this applies to MTH, SG, and other instances that need everyone on the same realm.

Entering: 20 seconds countdown to click yes, and be teleported inside. Usually a party is formed with Free (you get what you pick) or Random (Rotate drops) Distribution.

Time limit: Click the sword under your character Avatar to check, or the time box on left side (Soul Tower).

Rewards: MTH, CP grant rewards through NPC quests but other instances like SG and EG has drop rewards. Either way, take some time to set up Esper drops list.

Leaving: Again, simply click the red sword under Avatar, or use Astrolobes, Portal skills, charms etc.,

Botting: Refers to Invigorating in general, can be used in long instances with little mobility or 1 boss such as MTH and Orison. Hint: Put Esper potion settings to <100% and 0 cooldown. Also recommend getting: a green Vigor bottle (Marketplace) with 60s CD to put in Items.


By popularity:

Other instance-related abbreviations:

  • LF = Looking for
  • R = Realm
  • AFK = Away from Keyboard
  • AFKers = People not there for the journey, but for the destination aka rewards
  • SOLOer = A person that solo
  • OP = Overpowered, refers to a very geared/maxed player
  • AoE = Area of Effect, multi-target attacks
  • AoErs = Refers to people from Incense Valley Mages, Jadeons, Celan, Modo, Voida and so on.
  • PVE = Player VS. Environment/Monsters
  • T = Tier usually referring to Elemental Temple
  • CD = Cooldown