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Inferna Red Wood Forest
Inferna Map

Inferna is the busiest map right after Sunstream City and Kunlun due to its popularity as the grind map for Lv.160 players who are farming for Fatecharms, Wonderland Stones, Chroma Beads, and Etherborn Feathers.

Archaia Order (0/5) and Inferna Order (0/1) Inferna Orders.png

Quests to kill various high level mobs, best would be Azure Phoenix, awarding 44 fragments, lv.4 Yuan Crystal, Wonderland Stone every 500 birds killed. Both orders drop from Azure Phoenix, Inferna is purchased at Zixin (open quest list to teleport).

Because Azure Phoenixes are high-end mobs, it's recommend that players Imbue, Refine and Upgrade their gears to +11 before attempting.
Saving tip: Have 3 characters, preferably Incense Mage, wear Honor Gear as they are cheap to upgrade. Imagine a Lumen Lumen farm party!

Noticable drops when farming

  • Chroma Bead
  • Mystic Charm (Refine Gaian Gears)
  • Wonderland Stone (Gear upgrade)
  • Archaia/Inferna Order
  • Etherborn Feather (Lumen)

If you do not know how to set up your esper, click here. Oh, there is a level requirement to enter Inferna.