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Welcome to Gear Imbuing. Imbuing is one of the few services carried out by Enchanter worldwide. It is done along side with refining. The steps are similar, with a few needed items. MAX Imbue level: 10

  • Talisman
  • Gear
  • Aux.



So without further ado, here is how to Imbue.

When imbuing, make sure you have some sort of Auxiliary items to protect the gear. Failed imbue attempts will NOT break gears but it'll decrease 1 Level. It is not recommended that players YOLO when imbuing, especially with highly valued Perfect Talisman. Since max Imbue level is 10, I hope Kirins don't become so rare that desperate players opt to YOLO.

To make sure the success rate is at 100% players can purchase several sigils from the Marketplace, other players, the Donation Rewards NPCs, and other sources. For +11 to +14 click here.

Sigil Refine LV
Bronze Sigil Refine to +5
Silver Sigil Refine to +6
Gold Sigil Refine to +7
Jade Sigil Refine to +8
Dragon Sigil Refine to +9
Kirin Sigil Refine to +10


The Marketplace offers some very basic talisman, not recommended. They're trashy. For better ones, players have a few choices.

Perfect Talisman

Obtained from Shura Gauntlet, Jade Exchange Girl's Empyrean Lottos, purchased directly from players, GM Boss Spawn Events, Elysium Bosses (difficult).

Best Talisman

See Guardian Saith in Jadeon. He wants 100 Universal Coins for 1x Best Talisman.
  • Best Shield Talisman (+8 Defense)
  • Best Sharp Talisman (+16 Attack)
  • Best Spirit Talisman (+80 Spirit)
  • Best Health Talisman (+80 Health)
- Universal Coins may be obtained from Sky Dweller's Elysium Proclamation Lotto for every 18x Celestial Vanguards killed. This gives the highest amount. Players can also purchase Great Talisman for 20 Coins each.
- Purchase Lotto "Blessing Bag" from the Marketplace for Uni. Coins

Skill Eva/Accu

See Craftsman Tamasi in Sunstream to exchange for her charms, note, however, that the gems required only drop from high level Crafting.
  • Thunder Blade Charm (+0.2 Skill Accuracy)
  • Evasion Charm (+0.2 Skill Evasion)

Dread Labyrinth

Dread Labyrinth offers 2 HP/SP talisman for Esper Tomes or Accessories, click here for more details.