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Map Sunstream
Coordinates 405, 336
Exchanges Yes
Quests Yes
Instances No

A journey of a thousand miles begins on the back of a fast mount.

Selling Items


Shop List Sell Value
Horse Tag 100G


Shop List Sell Value
Dragon Rein 101G 30S 50C

Adding Stats

When you get a mount, it may already have stats on it. If you don't like its stats or if it hasn't any, you can add a random one by clicking Buy Mount, then Etc and buying the item called Dragon Rein. Through the Mount Training function, random stats will be instantly applied to your mount. You also have the possibility to endlessly change the stats till you get the wished ones.


Increase Mount Speed I

"Normally, I would be able to make your mount faster by using a Budding Kindleaf, but that plant doesn't grow during this time of year. When it is available again, I can use it on the following mounts." (From 6.0 y/s to 6.1 y/s).

Increase Mount Speed II

"Give me 3 pieces of Budding Kindleaf, and this time I'll train your mount to run even faster than before." (From 6.1 y/s to 6.2 y/s).

Tempest Tiger Transformation

"Wow, you have a Tempest Tiger! Would you like me to transform it into a smaller, but more heavily armored version?"
(This transformation will change the mount's random stats. The mount cannot return to its original form.)