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Hai new wiki editors! First of all, thank you for your contributions to the MD Wikipedia. It's a wonderful collaborative effort between members of a dedicated community. I have much hope for the future of MD, and you, dear editor, will make a difference and contribute to this future!

Getting Started

  • To edit Main Page, linking it to certain introductory articles, use {{Main|Page}}.
  • Blue means the page has been created. Red means it is empty.Before tackling this page, make sure to confirm with other editors on Slack that they're not working on it to prevent overlapping information.
  • To create a page, search for it first. Ex: Incense Valley. If there is no page, the user is prompted to create one.
  • Formatting is rather simple. B = Highlight an I = Italicize (usually for NPC introductions)
  • Insert a link, or image. An existing page can be linked by using [[ ]] An outside page will require full address.
  • Hit Advanced, for more formatting options.
  • A Redirect is used to direct to another page (due to spelling errors etc.,)
  • To add spacing to Table, simply use <br />.


  • To upload images, select Upload file from Tools . Add multiple files at once for convenience. Only upload your own work - Option 1 in Release Rights.
  • If there are more than 1 image, you can use COPY to duplicate information.
  • If a newer version of an image is needed, go [[1]] for a list of images, and upload a new version.
  • To insert images, use the provided [[File:Example.jpg|thumb|Description]] or Insert a Gallery.


The Celans.jpg|Celans
The Voida.jpg|Voida


In effect:


  • Use __FORCETOC__ to force a Data Table to appear. Sample: Imperial Citadel. If more than 3 entries are present, the table will appear by itself.
  • Use ==Quest== to create an entry.
  • Spacing once will make a weird box, used to highlight information or play with the format.
Note: Imperial Citadel 
  • Use (:) a semicolon to indent, 2 semicolons to indent farther, etc,. See Horseman for example of good formatting.
  • Use <u> Word </u> to underline words. In effect: Hello, world. :)
  • Use <Big> word </Big> to enlarge text. In effect: Thank you :D Also done by hitting the A+ A- in the bar above.
  • Use <font color="blue"> word </font> to display a letter or a word in blue or in any other color. Just replace "blue" by another color to obtain the desired effect. In effect: Hello MD
  • Use <mark> word </mark> to highlight the text. In effect: WARNING!
  • Use template {{Currency|g=20|s=30|c=40}} to display colors for currency. In effect: 20G 30S 40C


  • Use [[Imperial Citadel]] to link to a map, NPC, function, or section. We are not doing specific items, except Custom fashion, skyblades, pets, and other high-demand items.
  • Skysong, and Jadeon, being both the Faction and the Map, must be distinguished. The linking for Skysong faction is in Skysong​'s codes and for Jadeon is in Jadeon​'s codes. Or you can read the Wikitext of this Guide to see. The last 7 characters are invisible to the reader, but allows duplicate pages to be made.
  • Use [[Imperial_Citadel#Drops|Roses]] to redirect to the precise Drops Section. In effect -> Roses
  • Use [[#Resizing Pictures| Click here]] to link to another section within a page. In effect -> Click here.

Resizing Pictures

Sword in IC.jpg
  • [[File:Sword in IC.jpg|thumb]] As you can see, these come with "thumb". If you remove that, well :) things happen. Auto position is right side up top.
  • Insert [[File:Sword in IC.jpg|thumb|right]] To move image to the right, LEFT to move left, or CENTER for central position.
  • To resize put x200px or some other size in pixels.
  • Where the code for the image is positioned at will determine its position. Check out some of my wiki pages for different formatting.
  • Sometimes images can take up LEFT, CENTER, and RIGHT without problems like here but other times, you need to reformat.
  • If 2 images collides and distort text, use <br /> and preview until they do not.

Info Boxes

See Shelbo. That is an info box. Image size is 225 x 340. Rest of the information can be found at JD database. Change the map name, NPC name, coordinate, etc.,

Happy editing!