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Welcome back, MD players! And welcome to the community new players :) We're pleased to have you join us. If you ever get lost in game, draw up the World Map for a descriptive list of these beautiful realms.

Getting started

Here is a well-done Guide for those absolutely new to Jade Dynasty as a game. For those looking for things that have been added Since Starfall, but know the basics, should check out Guide. Sunstream looks completely different after Regenesis, check it out!

  • MD has an Induction System which allows old players to help and guide new players with Induction IDs. A certain percentage of Jadens spent will be converted to Bonus Jadens for the Inductor. It's a great chance to connect and get help from veteran players!

Tier, Affinity, and Vitalization Quests

Tiers 1, 2, 3 are solo quests, help from other players will not count.

Tiers 4 and 5 require some assistance with killing the bosses and cutting down bamboo.

However, by buying Anan pet (maxed 18 grade), you can successfully solo the bosses. For bamboos, purchase necklace Relieving the Past from Elder of Arcaneness or in VIP Rewards at level 135 - 150 non-Ascended.

Here are some usefull guides on the upcoming quests.

  1. Tiers
  2. Affinity quests
  3. Chroma and Vitalization


Join us as we obtain, refine, upgrade, seal, and imbue gear, creating the ultimate set or sets. We've also made a "YOLO" Guide special to MD. PVP maps include Sunstream City on Realm 11 or the Kunlun Ice. Max Refine for MD is +14.


Learning about espers start with the basics, how to obtain, catalyze, assimilate, ascend, cleanse, inherit and fuse skills, along with building that perfect esper set after some bloodsmelting, of course.

Other Equipments

Mini Map.jpg

Aside from your Soulstone, players can learn about obtaining and upgrading Chi, Essence, Fatecharms, Trinket, Seal, Charm, Ring and Necklace and Gems by clicking on each highlighted item. I wouldn't call pets equipments but they are so so vital! Also check out Pet Foraging and Crafting.

Orb Forging is also up and easily accessed through the character interface (C).


A large amount of custom items are available in Monkey Dynasty Custom mounts, skyblades, fashion, pets, and gems! Aside from the customs, there is a dye system in place for dying clothes, and the introduction of Fashion Weapons, available in the Marketplace.


The server has a lot of instances available, some are solo and others require a various amount of players.

  • Holy Lotus
  • Song of the Emerald Lady (T7 - T9) and Beast Lord (T1 - T5); you can do one of each or one twice, but Kevern will appear only once (you receive Ancient Blood Charms, Ancient Blood Jades from him)
  • Celestial Tower
  • Torment Tower
  • Crimson Peaks
  • Understream
  • Moontop Hollow
  • Orison Adept and Servant Token
  • Elemental Temple (level 1 to 5, 1 being the easiest and 5 the hardest)
  • Shura Gauntlet

Wiki editors

For perspective players who wish to contribute to the building of the MD Wikipedia, please have Discord for communication in this collaborative effort. See the Guide on the basics of making a wiki page. Feel free to voice concerns or questions in the #wiki channel on Discord! We're glad to have you.