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Common Chaos Vajrabead
Perfect Chaos Vajrabead

In Monkey Dynasty, there are two types of gems: perfect and common. Perfect gems are rarer and produced by chance.


Gems are obtained from:

There are 4 types of gems in general: Attack, Defense, Spirit, and Health; and 5 levels.

  • Use Celesphere sands (lv. 1-5) from Jade Exchange Maiden, Donation Rewards, Banana Shop, and the Marketplace to level gems.
  • Upgrading cannot fail and will only work if success rate is 100%. Go to Shelbo to upgrade, embed, and or remove gems.
  • Lv. 4 and 5 Sands are commonly traded between players, please see Market Prices for the most up to date price tag.


Shinestone/Attack Gem

Luck - Crit. Null
Heaven - Silence RES
Foundation - Weaken RES

Vajrabead/Defense Gem

Radiance - Skill Accuracy
Chaos - Crit. Strike
Purity - Paralyze RES

Solarjade/HP Gem

Fatality - Stun RES
Motion - Slow RES
Eternity - Crit. Shield

Seaquartz/Spirit Gem

Meditation - Sleep RES
Protection - Skill Evasion
Soul - Crit. Bonus


Socket Identifying
Socket Reforge

Each ring/necklace has 3 slots for gems. The first step to embedding is socket identifying at Krayn in Billows. There will be 3 slots. By matching a gem with the exact slot, bonus stat is unlocked. If you're not happy with the sockets, reforge with Socket Lock and Reforge Stone (both from Marketplace or Donations NPC).

Note: Cannot have 2 same sockets in a necklace/ring. Can embed more than one of the same gem though.