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Welcome to MD! There are 5 types of gears of highest prevalence available to players. Gear refers to 4 pieces: Healm, Body Armor, Boots, and Weapon. Most NPCs will sell both Pre-Ascended and Ascended Diety Gears. Please see Refine and Upgrade for more.

Types and Where to Purchase

Battleground □

At Gaian LV gives +14% HP and are suited for tank or squishy damage dealing classes. NPCs Etherkin Battleground Vendor, Battleground Vendor, and Athan Battleground Vendor respectively sell these HP geared armors and weapons.

  • Abbreviation: BG marked by □

Chu-Han ■

After Gaian Upgrade, gives +14% SP, recommended for Spirit based classes like Celan and Voida. NPC Voidland Dispatcher sell.

  • Abbreviation: Chu or Chu-Han marked by ■

Skytouch ○

Skytouch gear is characterized by a balance of both HP and SP (+9% HP +9% SP), with the highest CritStrike Bonus (+90%) of all gear types. NPC Taisung the Tao in Jadeon will sell the skytouch weapons, also exchangeable at Jade Exchange Girl for 1x Spirited Queen (lottos at Marketplace). The armors can be found in Seat of Chaos - Harbingers.

  • Abbreviation: SJ marked by ○

Honor ●

Honor Gem gears are the cheapest to upgrade, with OK stats, and noticeably high Attack Power boosts from the weapon. Talk to respective Faction Herald in Sunstream coordinates (101, 68) for humans, and Divine Realm coordinates 431, -295 for Athans. Etherkin NPCs should be in SS next to human ones.

  • Abbreviation: HG marked by ●

Diamond ◇

Diamond gears are mostly obtained from Shura Gauntlet boss drops. Unlike Skytouch gear with a balanced HP/SP distribution, Diamond have Skill Accuracy/Evasion and the second highest CritStrike Bonus (80%) ingame. Some PVP players will be willing to buy them from players.

  • Abbreviation: Diamond marked by ◇
  • Costs: Gold or Shura Gauntlet runs. Note: Can be crafted from lower lv. ◇ gears.

Gear Levels

[ASC] 135 Gears

See Main Article: Refine and Upgrade

The most basic gear that every ascend player will ever start. This is the gear every player will start to work with until they can afford an upgrade.

Tanyi Gears

See Main Article: Refine and Upgrade

ASC LV 135 Gears can be upgraded to Tanyi gear with specific materials.

Scion Gears

See Main Article: Refine and Upgrade

Next upgrade for Tanyi gears. Wonderland Stone is required. The gear set has a light-bluish appearance.

Gaian Gears

See Main Article: Refine and Upgrade

An upgrade option for Scion Gears with a more higher stats. More Wonderland Stone is required. The gear has a golden appearance and looks very badass if you're a Voida.

Lumen/Caeli Gears

See Main Article: Refine and Upgrade

The newest and probably the final upgrade, a stronger gear set which requires more Wonderland Stone and a new item called Heaven Dragon Seal.