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Fatecharms unlock at Ascension Lv.150 and a maxed Lv.160 asc. character should have 6 fatecharms slotted. They must be of different type. To obtain the green Advanced Fatecharms, simply complete the main guide quests leading to Archaia, Sunstrider, and Inferna. This is optional, but fairly doable for beginners with weaker gears who can't yet farm 500 mobs effectively.

Obtaining fragments

Fatecharm Combine.png

Archaia Order (0/5) and Inferna Order (0/1): Quests to kill various high level mobs, best would be Azure Phoenix, awarding 44 fragments, lv.4 Yuan Crystal, Wonderland Stone every 500 birds killed. Both orders drop from Azure Phoenix, Inferna is purchased at Zixin (open quest list to teleport). Because Azure Phoenixes are high end mobs, it's recommend that players refine their gears and build a bit before attempting.

Noticable drops when farming:

  • Chroma Bead
  • Mystic Charm (Refine Gaian Gears)
  • Wonderland Stone (Gear upgrade)
  • Archaia/Inferna Order
  • Etherborn Feather

Alliance Base Quests: To enter base, hit G -> Base. To leave, G -> base -> Leave Base. (Note: No other teleport items will get you out.)

  • Collect Yasho Cores Lv.1 - 3 at NPC Loh Yueh.
  • Teamwork Lv. 1 - 3 at NPC Zhu Yen.
  • Besiege Lv. 1 - 3 at Loh Yueh.

Most base quests are not difficult and reward Coupons, Soul Inverters, beads, Orbs, among other items.

Combine: Upon obtaining 44 Fatecharm fragments, simply click to bring up Fusion Interface. Every 10 fragments = 1x random quality Fatecharm. To fuse more Fatecharms, purchase Rune Crafting Scrolls from the Marketplace (J). Daily max combinations: 20

Buying: Various farmers sell fatecharm fragments in World Chat for prices ranging between 200-300G each. Players also obtain 250x for every 500 Etherborn Feathers from JD Dancing Exchange, available from Monkey NPC in Sunstream City or Auction for 2,000 fragments from 20:00 - 21:00 server time everyday.


Fatecharm Fusion

Equip: Drag desired Fatecharm from Bag to the slot then confirm. Stats will display at the bottom.

Fusion: Fuse existing fatecharms of lower or equivalent qualities to gain EXP. The higher the quality/level, the higher the EXP.

Players can combine raw fatecharm fragments to boost EXP (1 EXP/fragment) but it's not recommended.

Quick Select: Hit Basic Fatecharm to select all White ones, Advanced for Green, and Manual Click for Celestial Blue or Eternal Purple. If a pop up appears stating the quality is higher than the equipped fatecharm, recheck to make sure you're fusing the right ones, then proceed.

Note: Fatecharms cannot be traded, but fragments can.

MAX level: 10

Remove: purchase Heavenly Elixir (100G) from Shady Dealer then hit the Remove button. This process will not destroy the Fatecharm.



There exists no cumulative list of bonuses per quality at 1-10 levels. Example for crit rate: Basic = .25% Adv. = .50% Celestial .75% and Eternal 1% so a lv.10 Eternal CritStrike would add 10%.

  • Basic - White
  • Advanced - Green
  • Celestial - Blue
  • Eternal - Purple

Obviously, Eternal Fatecharms give the best bonuses, and they're also the rarest ingame. Players have the option of purchasing a Fatecharm Sign at 1,000 bananas for 3 Eternal Fatecharms via the Banana Shop.


Recovery: Decrease Stun/Silence/etc., debuff durations.

Mastery: Cancel out Recovery values, does not lengthen debuff duration.

Ex: Target has 10 Stun Recovery pts, player has 10 Mastery pts, 10-10 = 0.

  • Attack Power
  • Defense
  • HP
  • SP
  • Movement speed
  • Mount speed
  • CritStrike Rate
  • Crit Null
  • Skill Accuracy
  • Skill Evasion
  • Stun Mastery
  • Weaken Mastery
  • Silence Mastery
  • Sleep Mastery
  • Paralyze Mastery
  • Stun Recovery
  • Weaken Recovery
  • Silence Recovery
  • Sleep Recovery
  • Paralyze Recovery