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Fashions, the physical and outward display of our personalities. They're the true downfall of our bank. Monkey Dynasty offers countless original fashion sets, from the classic Bilu, Anan, and Velonus to our brand new Custom Fashion. Whatever it is you're looking for, make sure to check out the Monkey Fashion NPCs and the Marketplace. Fashions are very useful because some award skills that boost attack, restores spirit, removes debuffs or grant powerful shields. The Zodiac fashions are one such example so start collecting!

Creating lasting memories

Fashion bag

As of now, each character has a fashion bag with 120 slots. Most pieces are bound upon equipped and cannot be dropped or sold to NPCs, so purchase wisely!
The rest is self-explanatory, as you can make different outfits and change quickly, or go random, letting the system choose which one to wear.

Fashion bag
Quick change


To make good screenshots, simply press F9, zoom in or out and choose a picture size. Hint: I usually take screenshots at 5x zoom-in then compress the image for clear details.

To hide alliance and other icons, simply head to System -> Options -> Interface -> Uncheck boxes.

All screenshots taken this way can be found in Elements -> Screenshots folder. For a list of places suitable for HD screenshots, click here Enjoy! :)

Dye System

Certain fashion sets have a "dyeable" attribute to them. These can change color with 3 same dyes per piece. Yes to yellow hair!

Fashion dyes are available in the Marketplace with Jadens.

All dyes come in levels 1-5 and numerous shades. Combine 3 lv.1 dyes of different/same color to produce 1x lv.2 dyes. This helps get rid of the unfavorable colors and randomly produces higher grade dyes (up to lv.5).


Below is a quick list of fashions with perm. skills. They're not all that expensive so I recommend players buy all. Velonus set 2x also includes skills.
Supreme Gold VIP Card awards a green fash set with skills, and also in the bonus shop is the beautiful coral red Phoenix Suit.