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Essences provide powerful boosts to players and are divided into ☆ (white star) and ★ (black star). The highest grade of Essence is Pisces, obtained from combining lower level essences via Crafting. Aside from crafting, one can purchase 9 Capricorn Might or Horns from other players.

★ Pisces ★★★


Visit Lunarshade or Breezemark near Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon. Purchase Libera Essence with Affinity points and 8,100 gold leaves (purchased from Shady Dealer). To craft Pisces Essence, crafting level 1 is required. Visit the Craftsman Tamasi in Sunstream City to start crafting. Copper Blocks required for crafting quest can be purchased through the Marketplace.

Rapid Essence Crafting

Shady Dealer in Sunstream City allows players to exchange ☆ essence for ★ essence or vice versa for some affinity and a small fee. This is especially helpful if players decide to purchase Capricorn Might or Horns. Capricorn Essences can be obtained from various lottos at Jade Exchange Girl by trading in Treasured Copper Coins (Marketplace). Daily VIP Rewards also award 2 lottos: Dancing Snake and Maiden's Reserve. The first has a chance to drop Capricorn Might/Horns, and the second a chance at legendary espers Firmus and Soul Scepter.


Visit Award Manager in Sunstream City to upgrade ☆Pisces Essence or ★Pisces Essence. Be warned that once upgraded, rapid essence crafting cannot change the star. Monkey Donations sell upgrade items:

Spirit ★ (1,000 Coins)
Spirit ★★ (2,000 Coins)
Spirit ★★★ (3,000 Coins)

Purchasing all 3 items is required to obtain a maxed Pisces. Essences cannot be refined or imbued.