Esper Ascension

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Welcome. Assuming your esper is at least LV. 30, I recommend further leveling it. Once ascended, the esper will lose some of its levels. Lets get started.


Located Ronnek in Sunstream City. You'd need Esper Ascension Orbs, either bought with Golden Letters or from players. Worry not, there is a guide on how to obtain both the Orbs and the Fusion Manuals at the end of this page.

After Ascension, your esper will glow in the character interface! Its appearance will change, with color alterations and brand new skill effects. The esper will display LV. 3 but if you hover over the esper skill, those descriptions are most accurate. For example, one of Firmus's special effects is called Teeth of Wolf (+3): 42% chance in 12.5 seconds to increase your CritStrike Rate by 8%.

Ascended espers can partake in skill fusion.

Skill Inheritance

Esper Inheritance

  • Prepare 1 sacrificial esper (level does not matter, can be pre-ascension).
  • Assimilate Bonus Skill LV to 3.
  • Purchase the esper's tome and accessory at Ronnek.
  • Put main esper -> sacrificial esper -> tomes + accessory

Can perform Skill Inheritance until the esper has 6 total skills but there is a good chance some skills will be replaced at random!

Do this at Ronnek in Sunstream City. You do not need any other items beside those listed above. Please be warned that esper, tome, and accessory will be destroyed.

Skill Fusion

Esper Skill Fusion

Fusion is a bit more complicated. You have to catalyze, and ascend multiple espers with desired effects. Fusion CAN fail, unsatisfying results like fewer effects or trashy ones. Secondary esper completely destroyed.

*Players can accept or refused the result of the fusion process. 

If you're ready, prepare many espers, and buy significant amounts of Wyvern Bloods. Bring them to Esper Mystic Shera to level, then Ronnek to ascend and fuse. Each fusion also consumes 1x Esper Fusion Manual.


Coordinates for Shura Bosses

Obtaining Esper Fusion Manual and Esper Ascension Orbs can be challenging and expensive for those wanting to upgrade their espers. Rather than spending gold to buy Golden Tickets (5-6k G each) or directly purchasing the Manuals (~7k G each), farm Shura bosses.

You can press K for a list of bosses. I recommend an astrolobe for quick teleportation. The bosses are located on all realms, and some are inside towers so pass through any gate nearby.

Drop List: If you do not know how to set up your esper, click here.

  • Sacred Spirit Scroll
  • Esper Fusion Manual
  • Esper Ascension Orb
  • Orison Fragment Pack