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Espers play an important role in a player's gaming experience. It combines a skyblade, a transformation feature, excellent auto-attack and items pick up selections, not to mention an auto-potting option for PVP players. Not only that, espers provide perhaps the strongest stat boosts after body gear.


Esper Interface
Invigorate Settings.png

This is your Esper Interface.
1. Transformation
2. Invigorate press V (will attack, auto-route randomly, or pot)
3. Esper skills, it's set at 10 seconds. You can have 7 skills.
4. Open Invigorate Settings
5. Fly

The red bar is energy, purchase Heart of the Moon (Marketplace) to replenish to full value. There are 3 item bars, and 7 additional skill bars with cooldowns and etc.,

  • I usually check all 3 C. E. and Boss boxes so esper will kill everything.
  • Set Pots to desired values, they're free from VIP Rewards.
  • To only pick up certain items, type in the blank space then hit the arrow. Note: If you put in something like "Ancient" esper will pick all items with that word in it.
  • The rest are self explanatory.
  • In instances such as Moontop Hollow, set drops preference to Do not Pick Up and disable esper skills, as none of them are AoEs.

For other instances like Eldea Gauntlet, Shura Gauntlet, make sure to furnish your drops list.

Make use of the Item bars to open certain lottos, like the ones from Jade Exchange Girl or those crazy Precious Jade Packs.


Butterfly Queen.jpg

Players can transform into a variety of characters. The most powerful transformation gems can add as much as 10-15,000 HP/SP and various stats such as CritStrike Shield and Null.

Sample gem: Butterfly's Return (Gem)
Skills: Turn a teammate into a butterfly. Self-regeneration HP and SP for 4 Hours.

As of now, Transformation Gems can be obtained from the Transform Vendor for Gold. They are time limited though.

Obtaining espers

Aeolian Firmus

Kinged as the best esper ingame, providing the highest RES growth rates. Firmus is directly purchased from the Banana Shop, dropped from various lottos in the Marketplace, or brought from other players (prices vary from 200-400k).

  • Disciple's Plunder
  • Ying-Yang Scroll
  • Maiden Reserve (Popular choice, auto open all lottos)
  • Ocean's Core
  • Heart of Anan
  • Sandalwood Pearl

Most lottos containing Firmus go for 3 Jaden each.

Soul Scepter

Excellent HP/SP Drain, helps heal players and second most popular choice.

Focused Hate

Most players obtain this esper to sell or for Skill Inheritance or Skill effects Fusion.

Sinister Orb

An outdated Esper with decent SP drains. Some Celans use this, but it's more for cosmetic reasons. Max growth rate significantly (50~) lower than both Soul Scepter and Firmus.

LV 135 Faction Espers

  • Detailed guide here
  • Esper Accessories are 25x Sacred Aux Ware each
  • Esper Tomes 25x Mystic Jade Slip each

Trade at Enu in Jadeon or Ronnek in Sunstream City.

Other espers

Always check the Marketplace for items, but the ones there are mediocre anyways. Players have the option of trading Esperate Mysteries (see Jade Exchange Girl) for an esper of choice from Tree of Wealth.

  • Gambler Cube
  • Noxious Cauldron
  • Ruby Pagoda
  • Dragon Crown
  • Golden Gourd
  • Yin Yang Orb
  • Dragon Wheel
  • Fan of Bard
  • Soul Lantern
  • Chaos Amulet
  • Lunar Brooch
  • Gem Aquatica
  • Anan's Secret
  • Spirittrap Banner



Catalyze a mastered Esper with 1. Wyvern Blood (Gold) or 2. Tiamat Blood (Red)

They're from:

MAX Catalyzed level: 37 Esper Ascension can start as early as LV. 30.


Cleanse an esper to return it to ownerless state.
Requires: 1 Cleanse Stone, obtained from Marketplace and other sources.

* Note: Will reset Esper's level, must catalyze again, but upgraded fields will remain.