Elemental Temple

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ET 5 tiers

Elemental Temple is a 6 person instance with 5 bosses and 5 different tiers. You'll see players world chatting for ET T3/4/5, that is the level of difficulty.

To start a room, head over to Master Yao Dunmu in Sunstream City. Young Upstart is Tier 1 up to Doom Forger Tier 5.

It's important to understand that to take down these bosses within 30 minutes at the right level, powerful teammates are important. Usually, the person with a lot of experience will decide which Tier the party will challenge.

Requirement: At least 3 players, Asc. level 120+ and once per day.


ET Map

Black Tortoise

  • Watch out for venom debuff, halfway in two or three people die.
  • Use fashion skills
  • The mini smog mobs paralyze, kill them quickly and pass through portal.

Azure Dragon

  • Water blast (one-hit attack)
  • Mini white dragon (AoE damage)
  • Be alert and shield with Roaring Tiger from Tiger Zodiac fashion.

White Tiger

  • I consider this the most challenging boss
  • Deals aggressive AoE damage (one-hit if all 6 crystals present)
  • Absolutely have raja on and full-dmg, kill crystals if enough people

Red Phoenix

  • Debuffs
  • Fire elemental, watch your position, they burn

Chaos Twins

  • Divide and conquer
  • If Ying and Yang do not die at the same time, they'll respawn with full HP.


Yao Dunmu's Seals Shop

Master Yao Dunmu appears after the last 2 bosses are killed. He accepts all vouchers like Moontop Hollow.
Rewards per voucher include:

  • 500 Taichi Pills
  • 1x Cyntec Seal Five-Peaks Legacy (check Seal for more info)
  • 1x Lv.7 Yuan Crystal (Bound)

Additional rewards:

  • 400 Chroma Beads
  • 5 Soul Inverters
  • 25 Monkey Coins
  • 10 Banana Peels