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Eldea Gauntlet's entrance is located in Archaia, through the Harmony Scroll near Tanis Ka and takes a party of 4 to enter. Simply click on the Harmony Scroll -> Quest Related -> Archaia Teleport (for 10G).

Remember that players have the option to purchase the Ancient Blood Pack (400 Bananas) directly from the Banana Shop.


Linqi is the entrance and upgrade NPC for accessories. Talk to her to open a room (unrestricted by realm). Eldea Gauntlet or EG has a 1 Hour 30 Min time-limit, but most capable parties can finish it in less time. The difficult part to EG is finding capable players to run it. Two highly geared players can solo all 7 or 8 stages alone as only 1 boss is timed.

There are 7 bosses, 1 for each stage. Check out the guide that accompanies the instance once you're inside. In order for the full rewards to spawn, certain requirements must be met.


Eldea Gauntlet Map
EG Portals

1. Fierce Vulture

  • Kill only this Boss, no AoEs
  • Grants title <The Quality of Mercy>

2. Variant Spider

  • Consume less than 300 HP pots (3mil) across all Pt members.
  • Watch out for its flowers, they bleed.
  • Grants title <Remedy Lord>

3. Evileye's Champion

  • Kill within 100 seconds.
  • Grants title <Blasted Child>

NOTE: On your way to Boss No.4, Stone Statue, you'll encounter a well. Raja up, use Roaring Tiger, then sprint across. Avoid being too near the dragon heads and run ASAP once down at bottom.

If you succumb to the poison, simply resurrect and pass through the 1st portal on the left.

4. Stone Statue

  • Don't hit the big boss. Choose one type of mobs (Wrathful/Red) and only kill that type.
  • Deal Max Damage 5 times to Stone Statue.
  • Kill him in the middle of the room.
  • Grants title <Penta Kill>

5. Luo Jie

  • Suffers through 5x waves of Flame and Ice, then kill her for achievement/title.
  • Grants title <Frozen Flame Devil>

6. Greedy General

  • Lure the General on top of the hill to the place labelled 6 on the map.
  • Don't hit him until he is in the circular place.
  • Grants title <A Piece of Cake>

7. Evileye

  • At 30%, Evileye will release a one-hit AoE, shield up.
  • If he is not dead immediately, he'll continue to kill many people.
  • Party dies less than 3 times during this challenge.
  • Grants title <Undead Tank>

8. Secret Stage

  • Touch the pillar, it's a luck/unlucky thing.
  • Enter the portal, and you'll see a dark area on mini-map.
  • Go ahead, boss is easy to kill.


Set your esper appropriately before entering, and I recommend "Free" Distribution mode for Party. Below are the most important drops. Note: Most EG parties usually go really fast, so time to pick up drops is limited.

  • Ancient Blood Seal.png Ancient Blood Seal (need 40x for upgrade)
  • Ancient Blood Charm.png Ancient Blood Charm (need 20x)
  • Ancient Blood Jade.png Ancient Blood Jade (need 20x)
  • Sacred Spirit Scroll
  • Zuro Soulgem
  • Goko Soulgem
  • Windo Soulgem
  • Raino Soulgem
  • Xato Soulgem
  • Dijo Soulgem
  • Fatecharm Fragment
  • Chroma Bead



Click on the clover sign, looks like the one from Soul Tower, and receive your title for succeeded stages. They can only be opened outside of Eldea Gauntlet.
For the special 10 Crystals Achievement and Titles:

  • (445, -58)
  • (313, -187)
  • (291, -51)
  • (73, -68)
  • (-11, 11)
  • (-103, -192)
  • (164, -214)
  • (177, -366)
  • (186, -422)
  • (193, -385)

Source: MD Forum