Dread Labyrinth

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Dread Labyrinth Stuff

Dread Labyrinth is a huge maze enterable through Illusion Dispatcher Hoi 24/7 requiring 5-6 Players Asc. Lv. 120+ and the purchase of 1x activation item from his shop.

The bosses pose little to no challenge and can be easily SOLOed, but the layout of this instance causes quite a headache. Enlarge the map on right and follow closely.


Spawn point: pond and green, lush forest. Keep right and proceed until you see a temple with staircase, as pictured in 1st image.

After killing the last boss (8), you'll be teleported back with 14 seconds to spare.


See Merman Outcase Xuje when you first arrive at Dread Labyrinth to exchange the following items.

Items Exchange
Celan Bloodcover Talis. +100 HP 20x Labyrinth Coins, 100x Gold Leaf
Celan Soulkeep Talis. +100 SP 20x Labyrinth Coins, 100x Gold Leaf
Yaksha Ranger Pet 500x Tender Leaf, 250x Labyrinth Coins
Focused Hate Esper 500x Tender Leaf, 250x Labyrinth Coins
Skeleton Orb (Esper Accessory) 100x Tender Leaf, 50 Labyrinth Coins
Magic Void (Esper Tome) 150x Tender Leaf, 75 Labyrinth Coins
Jasper Awl (Focused Hate's bloodsmelting item) 2x Tender Leaf, 2x Labyrinth Coins

Additional Random Drops from Bosses/Monsters include:

  • Penalty of Heaven Ring (AP 35-55, CritStrike Bonus +8%)
  • Punishment of Heaven Ring (AP 25-45, CritStrike Rate +1%)
  • Prime of Heaven Necklace (HP +1200, SP +1200, Bonus Damage +20, Skill Accuracy +4.0)
  • Sacred Spirit Scroll (Pets ascension <common> skills)
  • Tender Leaf
  • Esper Ascension Orb
  • Esper Fusion Manual

Note: Drop rates low with accessories.