Destruction of Sunstream

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Velonus Transformation

Destruction of Sunstream or DoS is a once a day instance, requiring 4-6 players for entrance and lasts approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Visit Ayuu, the blue fairy to create a room lasting 10 minutes.

Spawn Point

Upon spawning inside the instance, select the NPC and transform.

  • Anan, Bilu, or Velonus OR
  • One of 14 faction leaders at random.


DoS Instance Guide.png
  • Target the purple crystal surrounded by the mobs. Note: One person cannot hit this thing hard enough, make sure not everyone is AFKing, go together.
  • Move around the Old Sunstream map
  • There are a few bosses spawned 2-3 I believe, they're easy to kill.
  • DoS cutscene, hit Space to skip.
  • Kill more mobs and finish the instance.

DoS is another instance besides Crimson Peaks and Moontop Hollow where one or two players can AFK, even though I don't recommend it.


  • Monkey Coin Pack (Tradeable)
  • 200 Fatecharm Fragments
  • 2500 Chroma Beads
  • Orison Fragments