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Fealty window

The fastest ways to finish Fealties are:

  • Daily quest 1 - Daily Divination at Tanis Ka will take an hour to be able to pass and finish the quest, feel free to do anything else while waiting.
    Tanis Ka
  • Daily Quest 2 - The Donation 15 gold at Nura
    NPC Nura
  • Daily Events - Golden Touch at Wonderland Fair at Realm 15. (Tip: It's ok to drop the quest after getting it. Fealty Points are counted whether the quest succeeds or fails.)
  • Daily Instance - Enter and leave (Change Realm) Soul Tower as quickly as you can (Fealty Points are counted after you entered the instance. No need to finish it).
    Lord Fenix
  • System Functions - Reset a Soulstone using a Soul Inverter. Remember to reset an ugly stone and not your main stone.
  • Item Use Use a portal charm and go anywhere to complete this part.
  • Game Play 1 Form a party with anyone
  • Game Play 2 Invigorate your Esper

Once completed, you already have a hundred points and you can finally get all the rewards from the Fealty System! The Final Pack will give you a Drake sigil shard (+11) and a chance for a Flux (+14) sigil shard.

VIP Rewards

Collect these rewards daily at 135+ ASC; they add up pretty quickly.


Easiest routine but never miss it! You can explore 9 areas on the expedition map once per day and you will need:

  • 9x Expedition Packs and 90 or more Sage Compasses (Both can be bought from the Marketplace).

You will get:

  • Chroma Beads
  • Affinity Beads
  • Monkey Coins
  • Dragon Sigil Shards
  • Common Seal Orbs
  • Fine Seal Orbs
  • Portal Charms
  • Celestial Decree
  • Bronze Sigil Shards

and a chance for Kirin Sigil Shards and Monkey Coin Packs (MCPs).

New Items after Hydran Patch

  • Heaven Dragon Seals: ~30 per day
  • Soul Ash
  • Ice Orb of Vastness

Moontop Hollow Instance

18 mob-wave instance, you need at least 5 players before you can enter the instance.

If you're in a Clan, you will receive a Moontop Hollow Voucher once per day and this voucher has a 1-week expiration date. Doing the instance will reward you:

  • 10K Bank Note
  • Drake (+11) Sigil Shard
  • Affinity Beads
  • Chroma Beads, etc.

To activate MTH, you need a Blue Moontop Hollow Voucher which can be bought at the Monkey Coin NPC in Sunstream.

Once your inside, have your best AoE players to invigorate near Anan and let them kill the waves of Yasho. Others can go AFK until all waves are cleared.

After clearing all the waves of Yasho, you only have a limited amount of time to turn in all your vouchers to the MTH NPC which appears at the end of every run so be quick in turning in your vouchers and always check your character after 20 minutes of leaving it AFK on MTH.

The Destruction of Sunstream

  • Can only be done once per day, needs 5 people to open it

Upon entering you select the NPC and take the transform quest; it'll transform you into a random class Human or Athan. This is a great instance to do daily also you receive upon completion: Monkey Coin Pack (Tradeable), 200 Fatecharm Fragments, 2500 Chroma Beads

Eldea Gauntlet

  • Teleport through the quest Absolute Power-Call To Arms and teleport to Sun and Moon Dragon Lord.

You need 4-6 people to do this instance,This is how you max your rings, necklaces.

  • Ancient Blood Jade x20 per ring
  • Ancient Blood Charm x20 per ring
  • Ancient Blood Seal x40 per necklace

Approximate drop per run: ~2-3 of each items.

Python/Fighting Confidence/Feat/Exploit

  • You need 50 skill evasion and 30% critnull to take on the boss or else it will one shot you.
  • You need 11,000 Gold Leaves and 10 Telepathy Gems and 2400 gold for the python turn ins with you to do this COMPLETE quest.

Enter Ancient Lands through NPC Koin, who is atop of the frozen dragon in the middle of Kunlun.

  • Humans should look for Jaklo at the bottom of the steps on the path your teleported in on once you find him buy 10 of each item with the golden leaves you brought then head to Shenwu Pool and use the Secret Order (Human) then the challenge of war (Human) and repeat this 10x per day for your Feat.
  • Athans should look for Zoya at Shenwu Pool near Skylord Uziel once you find her buy 10 of each item she has with the gold leaves and the telepathy gems then teleport to D.H Mountain and use the Secret Order(Athan) then the Challenge of War to summon the War Master mob. Let it come to you and kill it to receive exploit.

After receiving both quests to kill Python, find the Bitter Sea's Teleporter and teleport to S. Castle. Python can be killed 4 times per day in party or solo for Fighting Confidence to obtain Chi of Nirvana and its upgrades.

Torment Tower (New)

See Main Article: Torment Tower

Torment Tower is one of the new instances after the Hydran patch and doing it will reward you great items especially Heaven Dragon Seals. It is a very important item required in order to max out your gear (Lumen/Caeli Set). This instance can be done once per day and at least 4 members are required to enter. AoE factions (Jadeon, Incense Mage, Modo, Voida, etc.) are recommended to have in every party to finish monster spawns quickly.

Beast Lord Instance (New)

See Main Article: Beast Lord Instance