Crimson Peaks

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Portals in Starting Area

Make sure you have 1x Blazing Voucher before signing up for CP. Then simply create a Room with Master Jun hou in Sunstream City and bring at least 9 other players. Note: Once activated, the room will only stay opened for 10 minutes. No realm restrictions.

Crimson Peaks is an interesting instance. Whether you want to work hard or relax is up to you. Upon entrance, players spawn at the Regenerative Aura here, without the portals of course. Physician Jong gives the 1st of the Crimson Chain. The quests are totally optional. NPCs can be found after each boss is killed or between the way.



Boss 1 at Warrior's Retreat

Facing the wall

Boss 2 at Proving Grounds

  • This boss freezes every once in a while, but easy to kill.
  • For portals, Blue -> Blue -> Yellow

Boss 3: Kunja outside of Soulforge Temple

  • After her death, use 1x Portal Scroll
  • Go through Soul Forge Temple Inner portal

Boss 4: Beast Lord

Talk to Zhi Aiwan for the final stage quest. Then go the entire route of broken pavements or simply wait for portal here.

It'll teleport you directly to the Rejuvenation Aura opposite of Sly Dragon. Important: If Sly Dragon is there, Lady Linaska won't.

Boss 5: Sly Dragon/Lady Linaska at Hall of Surveys

  • When Sly Dragon summons a bunch of swords, shield up (raja), or run. Time limit: 5 minutes
  • Lady Linaska: no known one-hit skills.


  • 5,000 Chroma beads
  • 10 Banana Peels
  • 2x Monkey Coin Packs (200 coins, exchange at Donation Rewards)
  • 1,000 Gold
  • 1x Kirin Sigil Shard
  • 550 Taichi Pills

From Sly Dragon:

  • 1x Drake (+11) Sigil Shard
  • 10 Banana Peels
  • 2x Dragon Muscles

From Lady Linaska:

  • 1x Astri (+12) Sigil Shard