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There are 3 main Factions ingame, and generally each faction has 6 classes. Humans can be any of the 6 Human classes after leveling to lv.15 and taking the corresponding quest to join a certain class. Once set, players still have the chance to change their class through the "Change" items in the Banana Shop. All humans share the same face and hair presets. Their actions (E) and meditation stances are so identical.

Athans on the other hand, start off immediately and have distinguished looks, actions, meditation postures and some even float!
Check out the classes below for more information. Representatives allow players to turn in Merit Incense and provisions for Class Honor, free Ethereal gears, and exchange quest for lv.135 Esper.

Disclaimer: The symbols are not representative of class icons ingame.


  • Vim ☬ Vim is listed as an evil class, Negar is the Vim Faction Representative. Uses a Duoblade Weapon.
  • Jadeon ☯ Jadeon is listed as a good class, Bao the Wise is the Jadeon Faction Representative. Uses a Sword Weapon.
  • Lupin ₪ Lupin is listed as an evil class, Baner Po is the Lupin Faction Representative, however Jin Parto is the NPC for Lupin Tier Quests. Uses a Glaive Weapon.
  • Modo ☠ Modo is listed as an evil class, Chansel is the Modo Faction Representative, however Mr Gho is the NPC for Modo Tier Quests. Uses a Claw Weapon.
  • Skysong​ ❂ Skysong is listed as a good class, Faji is the Skysong Faction Representative. Uses a Staff Weapon.
  • Incense Mage ⚘ Incense Mage is listed as a good class, Yan Talia is the Incense Mage Faction Representative. Uses a Kristoc Weapon.


  • Balo ✵ Axe-wielding warriors specialized in defense and brute, frontline attacks. Flexibility granted from postures and status effects. See Representative Lilxu in Divine Realm.
  • Arden ➹ Swift, high accuracy archers with plants and animals summons. They're renowned for the ability to transform into snow white foxes. See Representative Joakue.
  • Rayan ❄ Assassins who are not afraid to show off their Scythes, Rayans summon shadow to assist in battle, and dominate 1v1 combat. See Representative Huai Tong.
  • Celan 🎼 Elegant nobles of Athan who use their Zithers to heal, bless, revive, and obliterate enemies with their powerful AoEs. Famous for reflects. See Yu Er.
  • Forta ❉ Extremely high melee damage dealer, with powerful self buffs, and explosive combo. One of their stances can double AP and HP. See Representative Mileay Chi.
  • Voida☀ Voidas can either go light or dark, inflicting aggressive dmg with their holy Stardials and specializes in long-ranged attacks, AoEs and summons. See Representative Lei Zheng


  • Psychea ❀ Adorable summoners serving as trap makers; these guys prefer to stay in the back and control their Psyteks using Brushes.
  • Kytos ♆ Trident-wielding horseman (remind me of centaurs) gender locked to Males only, serves as the Warrior class for the Etherkins and specializes in reflect damage and are highly mobile.
  • Hydran ï Hydran is known to be quick, agile, and explosive fighters. The Streak System allows Hydran to cast special skills multiple times in quick succession before reaching their cooldown. This allows them to connect a combination of moves and fight mobs of enemies without having to slow down.