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Chroma Interface

When you hit Lv. 120 Ascended on your character, you will unlock the quest to activate Chroma. Below is a summary of Chroma.


  • Chroma boosts passive stats as you build it, as well as granting useful and powerful skills.
  • Chroma is activated after completing a three-stage quest, the guide is found here: Vitalization.
  • Each Affinity has different exclusive skills, and each Chroma Tier has a quest, guides found here: Chroma Tiers.
  • Chroma change available at Banana Shop on the MD website. This change will transfer all upgraded skill levels as opposed to normal Affinity change.


To turn in Chroma beads, visit Elder of Arcaneness in Jadeon. The first turn in will take all bound Chroma beads, the second turn in will take all unbound ones.

Once the EXP Bar is full, hit the arrow button to level up!

The stats your Chroma level grant in on the right. Take note of tome and skill points. One point of each is awarded at LV 1, 9, 19, 23, 27, 33, 37, 42 and so on.

To relocate points, purchase items from the Marketplace then see the Skillsmith in Realm 15.


Dagos, Felkin and Fuwa are rivals, and each affinity has Anti-Felkin, Fuwa, etc., to target the other two affinities. Their distinctive coloring (dark, bright yellow, bluish) also transfer over to Chroma Skills! At lower level, vigor is sufficient, but as the skills drain more Vigor and you level up, a maxed Chi of Nirvana is recommended, and careful usage of chroma skills.


  • Champion Flagon (buy Vigor pills from Marketplace to fill the bottle)
  • Exquisite Vigor Potions (from Physicians) - green one

Chroma Skills


Chroma skills are highlighted with the color of your affinity. They consume spirit and Vigor (purple bar under HP/SP). Chroma power dictates additional damage dealt with chroma skills both in normal and Eruption states. Some skills require being in Eruption state, which consumes chroma. This state ends if vigor is exhausted or after skill's duration. Skills are divided into passive and active skills, some target players, and others target mobs. Three passive skills are universal among affinities. They are:

  • Skill Accuracy +5.0 Points at 20/20
  • CritStrike Rate 5% at 20/20
  • CritStrike Damage 50% at 20/20 !


Soulstone (2x Chroma Power/Vigor) and Chi of Nirvana gives extra Vigor. To upgrade chroma skills, simply proceed to Skills -> Chroma and hit the + icon. Note: If you decide to change affinity, chroma skill levels will NOT be transferred over, only the chroma level. Purchase Chroma Change from the Banana Shop to preserve level.


Above is that of the Celan. There is quite a variation in affinity. Fuwa, for example, has 9-10 reflections/debuffs/protection skills along with a powerful Affinity Blessing Aura and robust AoEs. Dagos combines 1/2 the AoE of Fuwa and 1/2 the SBE of Dagos spirit drain. And Felkin, well, has its own strengths.