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The first step is to go to Sanskrit Chant, you reach it through the Harmony Scroll NPC in Sunstream and it requires 10 Gold. Upon teleporting there you'll see two NPCs:

  • Ki Lenn <Ancient Envoy>
  • Wanyoo <Ancient Fighter>

Wanyoo has two quests for Fighting Confidence:

  • Fighting Confidence: kill Venom Python once and receive 2400 FC;
  • Law of Nature: allows you to kill Venom Python three times, each completion giving you 400 FC (the nearest Venom Python is situated at -422, 25).

Ki Lenn has quests for Feat/Exploit. She has two quests:

  • Strange Events: defeat the mutant Occult Stinger, earning a Soulgem of your choice and 60 Essence Seals;
  • Patrol Central Archaia: use portal charms to patrol the area and upon completion are given a choice of a Soulgem and 60 Essence Seals.

You need to buy Secret Order for 10 Gold Leaves, you can do the quest ten times per day (total amount of Gold Leaves: 100). The Secret Order allows you to kill Soul Snatcher, which spawns underneath the NPCs at the base of the waterfall. But the mobs are invisible, so you need to buy Primal Spirit Power (1000 Gold Leaves) and make Soul Snatchers visible. Make sure to activate the Secret Order before the Primal Spirit Power or it goes to waste. You need to buy 10 of each.

Each completion of the Order gives you 300 Feat/Exploit and 60 Essence Seals.

Human factions can pick their Chis at Reward Manager in Sunstream, while Athan and Etherkin factions get them from Li Kenn.

Upgrading Nirvana

  • After farming Python and Exploit/Fame, you have ★Chi of Nirvana.
  • To get ★Chi of Nirvana★, purchase Grand Tolerance Ticket★ from Award Manager (375, 299) in Sunstream City.
  • To get ★Chi of Nirvana★★, purchase 3x Grand Tickets.
  • To make the final upgrade to ★Chi of Nirvana★★★, purchase 9x Grand Tolerance Ticket★.
  • Total tickets: 13
  • Total Fighting Confidence to upgrade: 39,000
  • Toal Exploit/Feat: 780,000

Zodiac Chi

One of the rewards of Exploration is Celestial Coupon. Bring them to Jade Exchange Girl for Chi Packs. Open with Tanis Ka's Charm for a chance at Bestial Chi.

In order to upgrade Bestial Chi to Dragon Chi, purchase Dragon Prayer from Donation Rewards (405, 241). They goes for 2,000 Monkey Coins. To upgrade Dragon Chi to Snake Chi, purchase Zodiac Energy for 4,000 Monkey Coins. Please be warned that once upgraded, the imbues will be stripped.


The Horse Chi is the highest Zodiac Chi at the moment. It can be imbued with 3 special curses found at Award Manager (375, 299) Sunstream City.

  • White Tiger Curse (+32 attack)
  • North Spirit Curse (+16 defense)
  • Skydrake Curse (+16 damage reduction)

Celestial Scrolls can be purchased from Donation Rewards (405, 241) for 200 Monkey Coins each. They are also one-time rewards from high tiers in Soul Tower. If you're aiming for White Tiger Curse, they can be obtained from Leowen's Book Event in realm 15 at 20:00 server time. Chi of Nirvana★★★ can also be imbued with these Curses, and fortunate enough to maintain those imbues through different upgrades with Yuan Crystals lv.2+.