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Leowen's Book

There are 2 types of Charms in Monkey Dynasty: Zodiac and faction charms (advanced and common). Faction charms add one or two tomes to your character. Hit R to bring up the Skills interface, then to tomes. Zodiac Charms, on the other hand, adds Damage Reduction +370, and CritShield +40.0%. While some basic charms can be purchased directly from Elder of Arcaneness, most players opt for the best handmade ones.

For beginners, getting your hands on a White Day Charm can take a while, so Elder of Arcaneness also offers 4-5 Charms with the exact same stats as Leowen's Book in his shop. Check it out!

Zodiac Charms

To start off, visit Jade Exchange Girl in Sunstream City to obtain multiple Soul Packs. The most basic charm is White Day Charm. Bring it to Award Manager with 1x Dragon's Spirit Energy (2,000 Monkey Coins from Donation Rewards) to obtain 1x White Dragon Talisman. To obtain White Snake Talisman, purchase 1x Zodiac Energy (4,000 Monkey Coins), and another 4,000 Coins for Peerless Charm.

Please be warned that once upgraded, all imbues will be stripped.

Upgrading: Charms cannot be refined, but can be imbued to +10 with 3 types of marks. See Award Manager.

  • Hawkeye Mark (+0.2 Skill Accuracy)
  • Nightowl Mark (+0.2 Skill Evasion)
  • Howl Mark (+0.1% CritStrike Rate)

Celestial Scrolls may be obtained as one-time clearance awards from Soul Tower and Donation Rewards for 200 Monkey Coins each.

Faction Charms

Single Tome

Single faction farm recipes can be brought from Dreamland Vendor in Sunstream City, Dreamland Vendor Luer in Skysong, Elder of Arcaneness, and Hero Losken's Soul in Billows. Advanced, or double tomes recipes can be brought from Tao Danush in Sunstream City, but his prices are steep.

            "1x Gold Brick, 1200 Expertise per recipe" 

Charm Crafting

Charm C. 2.png
Charm C. 3.png

To start Crafting,

  • Purchase 5 beads corresponding to the 5 elements from the Marketplace.
  • Then go to Special Ops Agent and find the corresponding class. Purchase all 5 charms: Wood, Water, Fire, Metal, and Earth.
  • The process of obtaining all 5 charm pieces is time consuming so expect to spend a considerable amount of time opening these lottos.
  • Note: Advanced faction charms require 2 normal charms.

These charms are known to break after a period of aggressive usage (common in PVPers), if it does happen, the item for repair can be found in the Marketplace via a quick search.

Most players have multiple charms for quick changes. They're not gold intensive to make, as the single recipes go for 1-25G, depending on the NPCs, but prepare to shell out a few hundreds of Jadens to get the job done. Players can also pay a specialized charm maker to craft the charms for them, prices vary.