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Figure 1

Welcome to Bloodsmelting 101, where you learn some basic bloodsmelting information. If you have not gone through the sections on Esper catalyzing or assimilation, I highly suggest you read those first.

Bloodsmelting, in simple terms, is basically melting an undesired, lower level esper with a higher level, rare, and OP esper to boost the better esper's stats. There are a few steps involved, and it is recommended that players level their espers substantially before bloodsmelting to see the difference.

Obtaining the materials


  • Purchase a stack of Treasure Bowls (9999) - come with free lottos! (Maxing an esper will take a phenomenal amount, you're free to start off with 1000 Bowls or less)
  • Purchase more Treasure Bowls to exchange for Spirit Dusts, or simply buy directly.
  • Purchase 10-20 Best Dragon Skins
  • Purchase 90 Tangon Jades

Visit Esper Mystic Shera' in Sunstream City or Esper Mystic Wana in Divine Realm:

  • Purchase 18 Trigram or Colorful Gems (lv.1 Espers)
  • Purchase 18 of any kind of LV. 105 Espers.
  • Purchase as many Heaven Cycle Jades as you desire, and the Bloodsmelt Medium of main Esper.
  • Purchase 10 of each stone in [Gem Exchange]

STEP 1 : Transfer Orange Stat

Bloodsmelt step 1.png

1. Main esper being boosted: Lv. 135 Jasper Eagle, Celan
2. Trigram
3. Best Dragon Skin

What we're doing here is changing the orange stat (Figure 1) from Random to Max. Attack. It's a transfer. Don't bloodsmelt an esper to random.

STEP 2 : Divine Secondary Espers

Bloodsmelt Step 2.png

1. LV. 105 Esper: Fire Jade, Incense Valley
2. Trigram
3. Heaven Cycle Jade

The 2nd step divines the LV. 105 Esper, changing its Quality from Precious or Heavenly to Divine. Refer to Figure 1.

STEP 3 : Bloodsmelt to Main

Bloodsmelt Step 3.png

1. Firmus
2. Divined Fire Jade (Please remember, any lv.105 Esper is fine)
3. Chill Stone (Firmus's medium)

This will the huge step where Firmus's MAX. ATTACK stat will either Increase, Decrease, or Stay the Same. Esper proficiency is said to improve the chances of a successful bloodsmelt. Like many things in MD, bloodsmelting can fail and may require multiple smelts to increase the desired stat. No change does not mean the stat has reach its maximum growth potential.

Assimilate Stones

When the message on the right
Bloodsmelt - can't increase.png
is received, however, you the player needs to assimilate the 90 purchased stones to your main Esper.
Assimilation Stone.png
* Important Information: Even when a stat is assimilated 10x with stones, and bloodsmelted to its max, once another stat is upgraded, the maxed stat WILL decrease. When that happens (and it'll) you simply change the orange stat, divine, bloodsmelt until all RES values, Attack Power, HP/SP meet your individual needs. 

I must also mention that it's recommended to purchase a bag full of both the LV. 105 and LV.1 Trigrams for efficiency. Some players use LV. 75 Espers with the Red Cycle Jade from Esper Mystic Shera. I don't believe there is a huge difference or increased luck. Community project, everyone is encouraged to explore bloodsmelting, and to add to this wiki page. Wiki editors please download Slack for communication purposes.


Titles are unlocked when Bloodsmelt Proficiency reaches certain points.

  • <Bloodsmelt Beginner> White
  • <Bloodsmelt Apprentice> White
  • <Esper Coordinator> Green
  • <Experienced Bloodsmelter> Green
  • <Standard Esper Mystic> Blue
  • <Master of Espers> Blue
  • <Psychic Bloodsmelter> Gold
  • <Celestial Mystic> Gold
  • <God of Coalescence> Red