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Figure 1

Welcome to a quick info session on Assimilation and Tawen-ing in general. Assimilation is divided into 2 parts: adding green stats (HP, AP, SP) and resetting or adding skills. Visit Esper Mystic Shera in Sunstream City and purchase the following items as shown.

Mystic's Shop

1. Rage Orb (increases attack)
2. Blood Orb (increase Health)
3. Fiend Orb (increases Spirit)
4. Espora Stone (Esper Tome and Accessory)



Like bloodsmelting, Assimilation can takes a few tries to increase the stat. MAX values:

  • 1260 AP
  • 8400 HP
  • 8400 SP

Since every orb is priced at 99G, it'll take some time to upgrade all 3 green stats. Use Bottle All to let the system auto-assimilate.



If you observe Figure 1, you'll see the Soul Scepter's Bonus Skill is LV.2. This is done by assimilating with Tawen Gems, available from the Marketplace, Donation Rewards, JD Youth Dancing Exchange, and other sources.

Max LV is 3 and correlates with how powerful the esper skill is. See Esper Tome and Accessory for more information.

Aside from changing the skill level, this process also resets the number of bonus skills available (1 or 2 to 6) if you've polished with a Polish Item from the Marketplace.

Faction Gems

Once the Bonus Skill is at LV.3 with a high enough number of skills, you can start randomizing those skills into faction skills. Purchase Celon Gems for Celan skills, for example, under Material > Gem.

*Note: If you don't like how many skills you get, you can change that BUT tawening again will reset Bonus Skill LV.