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The three affinities available, Dagos, Felkin and Fuwa are acquired after Lv.90+ Ascended and grant characters of every class bonus skills. These bonus skills are exclusive to that particular Affinity, some are General and others are variants of Tier skills available with that class. While most passives are the same between affinities, Fuwa is known to add 18% more Crit. Bonus while Dagos add Skill Accuracy.

Leveling Affinity

Affinity beads come in huge abundance from Dailies and purchasable from the Marketplace. It should not take long to max your Affinity. Of course, your affinity is not set in stone. Simply purchase Soul Rebirth Order lotto from Jade Exchange Girl or any of 6 secrets from Marketplace and bring it to Skillsmith in realm 15. Be warned, chroma skills will not carry over to your new affinity. Chroma level will remain the same. All affinity skill upgrades will not carry over. The NPCs next to Elder of Arcaneness can exchange Affinity reputation back into beads if you do change your affinity.

Chroma is difficult to farm, so it's important to read through each affinity's skill descriptions, pros and cons, before making a decision.

For a walkthrough of the quests to obtain each Affinity, click on Main article.


See Main Article: Dagos

Dagos Affinity is the Affinity mainly associated with "Glass Cannon" play-styles. Picked by players that value hitting hard yet have limited survivability. To enter the Immortal Lands, see Jadeon Skylord Midon.


See Main Article: Felkin

Felkin Affinity is the Affinity mainly associated with Offense. Picked by players that value heavy-hitting as their means of playing. To enter The Fel Lands, see Wildlands Skylord Shera.


See Main Article: Fuwa

Fuwa Affinity is the Affinity mainly associated with Defense and Tanking. Picked usually by players that value tanking and support, but not limited only to that. To enter Purified Lands, see Skysong Skylord Taja.